Level 10 and a New Boot

Overall, summer training went well.  I got some new level 10 skills, including my blind full on bars, my 1 & 1/2 punch front on floor and my kick front back handspring series on beam!  I also had a great time at the Region 5 High Tech camp working with the R5 and national team staff in early August.  Just as everything was going so well, at the end of August I sprained my ankle and tore my ATF ligament.    So, I have been in a boot all of Sepetember and will likely need 4-6 weeks of PT after that.    I was really disappointed with the timing of the injury in the lead up to my first level 10 season -- just as I was on a roll with my upgrades.

In the meantime, I continue to go to the gym and keep up my conditioning  so I can come back strong.  Since conditioning doesn't take up the entire practice, I also have been supporting my teammates any way I can, helping monitor the compulsory gymnasts with their rotations, and trying to be a positive role model.    Keeping my fingers crossed I get out of the boot this week and can start the comeback process!