Well, I am a bit overdue on my updates, so I need to start from last fall.  Just as my routines were starting to come together, I injured my shoulder in practice. I did quite a bit of physical therapy initially, but not long after, I learned that I had torn my labrum and bicep tendon and needed surgery to repair it and the recovery would likely be at least 4 -6 months.  I was cleared medically in February to start training again.  But the physical and mental recovery was tough and my progress initially was very slow.  It was hard at times, but I kept on going with the support of my coaches and teammates.  Though much slower than I hoped, with all of the physical therapy, conditioning in the gym and slowly working through my skill progressions I am finally seeing big progress and getting my skills back as of April and May.  I still have work to do this summer to meet all my goals, but so far, I am back working my tumbling passes, started vaulting again and have both my pak and jeager back on bars!  Though, I won't say I am glad the injury happened, as I missed the whole competition season, I am grateful for the lessons I learned.  I learned so much about myself, my determination, what it truly means to "trust the process", but mainly how much I really LOVE competing.  With summer training just beginning, I am feeling healthy, strong, refocused and energized to achieve my goals and make my senior season my best season!  I AM BACK!!!!

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