2020 : The year of COVID


Wow.  It's been a while.  As of my last post, the thrill of competition season 2020 was upon me.  Then, I had a small setback -  a broken finger in February.  In March, just when I healed and was ready to compete again, COVID-19 suddenly changed the world.  School closed and went virtual.  Competition season was canceled. The gym closed. College summer camps were canceled. Sleepovers and shopping with friends stopped. Masks were now required.  So. Much. Dissappointment. So. Much. Uncertainty.

Through all of the change, I did realize that it wasn't all bad and there was fun to be had in the new normal.  I had more time to do things I wasn't able to before like, cake baking & decorating, riding bikes, finding new tv shows to binge (Criminal Minds), and creating sidewalk chalk art to bring some cheer to our street. I was also greatful to take advantage of online gym schools (thanks Sam Pesek and Gotham Gymnastics!) as well as the Zoom conditioning my coaches were able to run through summer.  It helped keep me in shape and stay connected with my team.

Since being back in the gym full time in July, I have been excited to make progress in a few months getting my skills back and working upgrades.  I did break my toe in August (yes, another broken bone) and was on injury rotation through September but kept pushing ahead with skills.  Since being back in the gym, I caught my first pak and started connecting it with a 1/2 turn on bars.  On beam, I  started working a BHS+Whip and my first triple series - a kick front+BHS+BT.  I am looking forward to getting new choreography for floor this season and cleaning up all my new upgrades so I am prepared for 2021 competitions!

2020 has not been an easy year at all, but I am managing and adapting.  Finding ways to stay connected with family, friends and the team have helped me adjust, stay positive and understand that change, struggle,  adaptation, versitility,  gratefulness, hope and perserverence are all lessons that gymnastics has taught me since I was little and they will get me through the rough days.